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This is the 5 Flying Monkey Chandelier. One of over 100 you will find by going to monkey chandeliers & sconces by Bill Huebbe

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MONKEY CHANDELIERS : We make many different types of monkey chandeliers. The branch monkey chandelier, the flying monkey chandelier, the Florida monkey chandelier, the 3 monkey chandelier, the 4 monkey chandelier, The 6 monkey chandelier on a ring, and every other monkey chandelier we can think to design. In addition to our other whimsical chandeliers like our fox chandelier, dog chandelier, frog chandelier, and cat chandelier. We also have bird chandeliers, a parrot chandelier, a dove chandelier, a toucan chandelier, a blue bird chandelier.

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MONKEY CHANDELIERS : We have a new line of bird houses for those who like want to buy large architectural bird houses for their garden. You can have your chandeliers painted any color and we will paint you chandelier to match a swatch you supply. We usually do not charge to paint your chandeliers lithe light  custom colors. I want to mention some other lighting. Our acorn chandelier comes both large and small. And we make an extensive line of rustic chandeliers that were inspired by the Adirondacks. We have designed many chandeliers, lamps and sconces for Adirondack cottages. Shades do not come with our chandeliers. They are extra. But we do make shades to match our chandeliers.

MONKEY CHANDELIERS : Shades: We started making shades because we could not get enough hide shades for our lamps. And they are high maintenance, as they dry out and crack over time . So we came up with the idea to make faux hide shades ( meaning out of resin) for our lighting and we color them to appear natural or to match the chandeliers. Almost half of the chandeliers we sell ship with our shades. We also paint metal shades to match the colors of the chandeliers or room  if required. If you go to the information and ordering button on our site we have a link to hanging chandeliers, and sizing of chandeliers. This is a question we are asked many times about chandeliers. It is hard to answer.

MONKEY CHANDELIERS : Bill Hubley:We ship are chandeliers all over the country, even are rustic chandeliers go to Colorado, California Georgia, Michigan and even Florida. We believe people like rustic chandeliers all over as well as whimsical monkey chandeliers. The monkey chandeliers are copywriter as is our other chandeliers, sconces and lamps.  

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Interesting chandelier history. Until the Gothic era, bronze chandeliers were made solely for the churches; it was not until the 15th century that people began to consider lighting their homes by means of a central source of light hanging from the ceiling. In the Low Countries, one of the centers of the art of bronze casting, a type of chandelier was developed at this time that remained standard for many years. It is a type of hoop with a shaft, made up of a molded vertical centerpiece and a series of curving branches bearing drip trays and spikes. The arms, or branches, are decorated with tracery, foliage scrolls, and other motifs characteristic of the late Gothic style. In the middle of the 16th century, the central shaft took on the shape of a spherical baluster, with a large sphere jutting out just below the point where the curving arms branch off. This design continued to predominate in the Baroque period and is found as late as the 18th century. Because chandeliers of this type were most common in the Low Countries, one can assume that they originated there and were produced in large numbers and that they spread to England and Germany. Another centre was in Poland, presumably because brass founders had moved there from Nürenberg.


Hand painted with glass eyes, signed Huebbe and indistinctly dated on the back, and signed on the bottom side of the jacket, "17.5"H.

   The Monkeys are each 18 inches tall at the top of the head. The top of the candle
stick holder part is a bit taller. The arms outstretch to about 12.5 inches. The
rectangular bases are each 8 inches by 6 inches.
The bottom of each sculpture is signed with the artist name. The artist sculptor is
Bill Huebbe , of Huebbe Designs, who is a very unique and original artist. Please visit
 website if you would like more information about the man who sculpted these pieces.
Thanks for looking !!!

 This whimsical Monkey Bowl was found in the late 1980s at La Ruche in Boston. La Ruche was a wonderful decorating shop on Newbury Street, owned by Sister Parish's daughter, Apple Bartlett and Maria Church. Design afficionados know that John Derian worked there! We are delighted to feature this fun Mister Monkey made of painted fiberglass. He's great for serving peanuts at cocktail parties.

Q. Why did the monkey make his bed high up in the chandelier? A. He was a light sleeper Q. How do you catch a monkey? A. Hang upside down in a tree and make a noise like a banana.Q. Why aren't monkeys well paid? A. Because they only get peanuts Q. If a dog looses his tail, where can he get another? A. A retail shop

List of cat breeds

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The following is a list of cat breeds recognized by various cat registries.

Cats can also be grouped by type according to appearance or function.










Breeds derived from Hybridisations between domestic Cats & wild Felids

  • Caracat (proposed name) : Domestic Cat / Caracal (accidental Hybridisation, Moscow Zoo, 1998)
  • Oncicat (proposed name) : Domestic Cat / Oncilla (Little Spotted Cat/Tiger Cat)
  • Domestic Cat / Black-footed Cat (F. nigripes)
  • Domestic Cat / Rusty-spotted Cat (Prionailurus rubiginosus) (wild-occurring Hybrids, India)





  • Jaguarundi Curl (alleged name) aka Mandalan Jaguar (proposed name) : Domestic Cat / Jaguarundi
  • Domestic Cat / Canada Lynx
  • Domestic Cat / Bobcat (Felis rufus)
  • Domestic Cat / Pallas Cat (Otocolobus manula)











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