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P3310004.jpg (62120 bytes) P1010004.jpg (60424 bytes)
Accessory bracket was sandblasted. Alternator and Pulley were wire brushed, sanded, and cleaned with super clean.  All pieces were painted cast coat aluminum. The tensioner was tricky to paint because I wanted to keep the pulley black and I couldn't get it off. So, i taped the pulley with masking tape and painted around it. I used a similar method for the alternator. I taped the fan and spun it around while painting to get all the spaces behind it. I think it looks really good. Water pump was disassembled, sandblaster, cleaned with compressed air to get the sand out, put together with form-a-gasket, and sprayed. Click Here for More engine Pics
P3100049.jpg (60763 bytes) P1010021.jpg (64323 bytes)
Well I needed to add a little attitude to the brakes, so, since the pads looked good, I figured I'd take advantage of the red paint I originally bought for the engine and paint the brake pads. Well, they look pretty good. Brembo brakes? I don't think so!
P4150001.jpg (63848 bytes) P4250008.jpg (57463 bytes)
here is the rear axle wire brushed and sprayed with por-15 metal prep Rear axle painted with por-15, brake lines and brackets spray painted red for contrast. I highly recommend por-15 because it is easy to prep for and apply and extremely tough.
P4280015.jpg (59949 bytes) P4300002.jpg (61115 bytes)
Brake pedal before cut. I marked out a 1.5" section. Brake pedal after cut and weld. Its hard to see my weld because of the paint but it is very strong. Maybe its better that you can't see it because it is an ugly weld( heh, I've only been welding for a year and haven't picked up that touch yet!). But rest assured, it is also very strong (i tested it). 
This pic shows the Napa heater hose 10743 that connects the two heater pipes. It needs to be cut a little to fit. The heater pipe was painted black after a little sanding P1010008.jpg (59314 bytes)
The ceramic? coating on these Mac headers didn't look to good out of the donor and had chipped and rusted in many locations. So, I cleaned them up, sanded them, painted the rust with rust convert, and painted them with black Barbeque paint.  In my opinion, they look nicer black than the original whitish color. Oh yeh, I cleaned out the insides with carb cleaner and a pipe brush to make sure they flowed nicely. P1010023.jpg (64273 bytes)
Like my set of NEW FMS rear control arms? Just kidding! These are the refinished donor ones. Sandblasted and painted black with Krylon. Sweet! P1010025.jpg (57177 bytes)
85 mph top speed? I don't think so. This will have to be replaced. Still looking for a nice 140 mph! Anyone? P1010026.jpg (60898 bytes)
Spindles were sandblasted and painted cast coat aluminum. P1010027.jpg (58743 bytes)
Front Lower control arms painted with por-15. This stuff is great! and a little goes a very long way. Before Painting I cut a slot out of each one. I used a drill and a metal blade on a jig saw. Then filed them smooth. This was a VERY time consuming process. If you want to do it the easy way, find a friend with a plasma cutter.  I'll post better pics soon... I'm a little worried about the ball joints because one is lower than the other and one is ripped. We'll see about replacement.  P4220034.jpg (62457 bytes)