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P1010009.jpg (60447 bytes) P1010012.jpg (59422 bytes)
I built this sandblasting box out of scrap plywood before I started. I bought this pressurized sandblaster from harbor freight for $70. It's great when it works, but its a very temperamental tool. The trick is to filter all the sand going in and not get it wet. If you do this it will flow nicely out the tip, if not, the blaster is useless!
Hey, it may be old and dirty, but it works! Too bad its 220V and I can't use it in the barn. I will probably end up buying a 120V so I can use it in the barn once I get the kit (I'm too lazy to do rivets by hand!).  P1010013.jpg (59478 bytes)

P1210029.jpg (62443 bytes) P4010022.jpg (62789 bytes)
Steering rack covered with grease and dirt. I sprayed it with degreaser and let it sit overnight. I sprayed that off. Then I put Kerosene in a spray bottle and started brushing the rack till I got all the grease and dirt off. Finally, in the hard to reach spots I used a tiny wire brush. I then taped the rubber and sprayed the center with cast coat aluminum engine paint from dupli-color. Tie rods were sprayed black. .
P2190043.jpg (60668 bytes) P4210033.jpg (60565 bytes)
Gas tank in the process of being wire brushed. This takes a while. I removed most of the rubber pad first. Goof-off works good for this.  Sprayed with metal prep and then painted with por-15. I actually spray painted the underside black because the plastic cover protects it from the elements. 
P2190044.jpg (62968 bytes) P1010097.jpg (62220 bytes)
Engine before cleaning.  Stripped most of the extras off the engine including the oil pan. Degreased the bad spots. Wire brushed the whole block (this took a loooong time). Sprayed it with all sorts of solvents until it was really clean. Dried it, and sprayed it with Ford Dark Blue engine paint from dupli-color. Click here for more engine pics 
P2260018.jpg (62089 bytes) P3090044.jpg (59317 bytes)
Castrol Superclean (available at Wal-Mart for $4.50) and a used tooth brush will clean just about anything! Wash it off with water and let dry. Sprayed with cast coat aluminum engine paint from dupli-color. Great stuff also available at wal-mart for like $3.00 a can.
P2260019.jpg (63548 bytes) P3020024.jpg (55313 bytes)
same as above same paint
P3070019.jpg (63022 bytes) P4010021.jpg (63865 bytes)
The pedal box was really clean when i took it out so all i did was wash it with some superclean, paint rust converter on the rust, and spray it with aluminum engine paint. Make sure you take pictures when you take it apart because it will make it much easier when you put it back together again.  same paint
P3030029.jpg (62941 bytes) P3090043.jpg (58681 bytes)
same as above Sprayed with Rustoleom black texture paint. Looks awesome and it better at $4.50 a can! Replicates the black from the valve covers and intake plate.
P3100054.jpg (61819 bytes) P3100056.jpg (62970 bytes)
Accelerator pedal modification. Cut the pedal like the manual says and drill a new hole for the pedal bolt. I used a big cotter pin I found instead of the original pin which bent when I tried to get it out.  Here's the new hole and pin
P3110067.jpg (61101 bytes) P4010026.jpg (59361 bytes)
Accessory bracket marked like diagram in the back of the manual. Drilled with 1/2" drill bit. After I drilled it I cut the bracket down and painted black.
P4010017.jpg (61272 bytes) P4010019.jpg (59830 bytes)
took everything off the lower intake (fuel rail, cooling pipe, injectors, wiring, etc.) and sandblasted.  Painted with cast coat aluminum engine paint. Replaced the thermo and gasket, and the crankcase breather filter