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Welcome to my Factory Five build site! You can check out my progress by clicking on the links at the left. LET THE BUILD BEGIN! I picked up the kit may 19th, 2001. Follow along in the build section. To learn more about me and the kit, click here

What's New:
01.22.06 whoami updated
01.07.04 done updated
01.03.02 wiring updated
01.03.02 finishing touches added
01.03.02 cost breakdown updated
01.03.02 rims added
11.10.01 Transmission inspection added
11.10.01 Engine Install added
07.31.01 Black Box added
06.21.01 Emissions Removal added
05.31.01 Build Pictures added
04.25.01 Engine Prep added
04.25.01 Parts Prep 2 added
04.25.01 Cost page updated
04.08.01 Cost page updated
04.01.01 Parts Prep updated
03.22.01 Parts Prep updated

email: esmall .at. stanford .dot. edu