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I got this idea from a thread on ffcobra.com. It some of the extra press on seal from the kit and it appears to work well(not tested yet). I velcroed (sp?) the rubber to the side of the body.  here it is mounted. Notice dirty paint!!! (lol)  I mounted the dash next. The easiest way is to get a helper and drill the center screw first. Then bend the side tabs in. Because I used connectors It was easy to remove the dash when I realized I had to mount the windshield first :) Here is a pic from behind. Notice the rollbar too.
I think I mounted the review mirror and windshield next. I didn't screw the mirror into the frame like the manual suggests cause I couldn't get it lined up. I'll have to see if that was a mistake. E brake lever with new aluminum handle cover. It looks really good in person and it was cheap enough. Front wheel well installed. This took a bit of trimming with the dremel. Another angle of the same
rear splash guard installed another pic.