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Engine in donor car Pulled Dirty Engine and Tranny I originally sprayed the block with ford blue, and after puking at the baby blue color, I repainted it ford dark blue. It looks much better, even if it isn't the real Ford blue.
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a look at its insides another (big files) All Looks good in here!
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Ford dark blue sandblasted and painted water pump goes on next. Don't forget gasket sealer on the water pump side and timing cover side. Next came the lower intake. This is sealed with four gaskets and gasket maker in the corners and along the middle front and back sections of the intake. I have heard that people don't use the two middle gaskets (front and back) and instead run a thick bead of gasket maker, but I figured it couldn't hurt and I did not want to run the risk of putting on too much or not enough rtv.
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Next came the accessory bracket, alternator, and tensioner. A few bolts and that's done. I also put on the cobra valve covers because they look so sweet. Drop the gaskets in and torque down the bolts. Well, there is a small problem. THe stock bolts are too long! You can either use some washers as spacers, or, like I did, go to your local hardware store and buy 12 new bolts that are just a little shorter. All twelve only cost me $1.25. Some of the fuel injector o-rings were ripped when I took them out so they were replaced. I bought a $12 set from the local auto store. It comes with 16 o-rings, 8 plastic washers, and 8 caps. Its an easy job that's better to do now while there out. The trick to getting the old caps off is to find a spanner wrench that barely fits around the injector bottom and pry them off from underneath. Watch out, they go flying! To get the new ones on hit them lightly with a rubber hammer. Lube the tops and bottoms of the injectors with clean motor oil and drop them into the intake. I also attached the black heater pipe and the hose loop at the end (napa:#10743)
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Next put the fuel lines on and snap them onto the injectors. Its a little tricky but it eventually works. Don't forget to screw the lines back into the intake in the 4 spots because its much easier now then when the wiring harness is on... ...speaking of the wiring harness, the next step is to drop that on and connect everything up. Now your ready to add the upper intake and finish up. Put down a gasket and screw it on.
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Here's a pic from the front The stock throttle bracket hits the taller cobra valve covers so it needs to be modified. While I was at it I cut out all the cruise control stuff because I won't be needing that. The picture shows where I cut and everything on the right side of the pic is what I got rid of.  here it is installed. Its hard to tell but there is about 1/2" clearance between the bottom of the bracket and the top of the valve cover.  
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This vacuum fitting also hits the valve covers. I unscrewed it from the plenum and used the bench grinder to make it fit.  When I went to put the headers on backwards, I noticed that the oil temp sender hit the header and I couldn't rotate it out of the way like the manual suggests. So I went to home depot and made a new L shaped connection that gives much more clearance. Check out the costs page for the parts.  Here it is installed. Notice the clearance for the headers
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Here is the completed engine minus a few wires.  I finally got my motor mounts today from summit. They are moroso solid mounts. I ordered the wrong ones by accident so I had to exchange them, hence the delay.