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Here are some pictures of the engine install. Its a very straightforward process. Basically you make sure everything is out of the way, load the engine and tranny on the engine lift and drop it in. Take a look at some pics from the process. 

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Driveshaft.jpg (60494 bytes) BeforeInstall2.jpg (62429 bytes) Beforeinstalltranny.jpg (59364 bytes) EngineandTranny2.jpg (200612 bytes)
Before engine was installed the driveshaft was cut by a local driveshaft shop Oil filter mounted Before engine install!!! If you don't you will be unable to get the drill in there. Tranny area cleared and e-brake installed I lifted up the engine by bolts in the front and rear of the engine. I then mounted the tranny to the back of the engine to put them in the car as one unit. 
Install1.jpg (213859 bytes) Enginein.jpg (211396 bytes) Trannyinstall.jpg (193561 bytes) driveshaftin.jpg (57357 bytes)
High quality pic of engine being installed. This was a very easy process but a few extra hands are nice. Make sure you raise the ride height enough so the engine lift fits under the car. Engine installed and leveled. Tranny is dropped onto its mount and tightened Driveshaft installed and bolted down. Make sure you use loc-tite on the bolts. The drive-shaft requires some maneuvering to get the splines to mesh. Its easiest if the tranny is securely bolted down so everything lines up.