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We are liquidating a collection of  antique model pond sailboats circa 1910-1930. We will be putting model boats up for sale on e-bay over the next year. Please feel free to call 845-424-2452 at any time for information on the collection. These are the first 3 models to be sold.




40” mast, 46: length overall, 41” boat length, 9 ˝” high,

Lead keel, brass rails, original hardware and mast (probably), chip off back, hollow machined hull, 1930 est., original paint.

$1,600 + freight



Red pond Boat:

31” mast, 37 length overall, 32” boat length, 9 1/2” high

Lead keel, Brass tail, original mast, sail: cotton on ring, Four stay: replaced, Machined out wood hull + wood put over top, hollow one piece hull, 1930 est.,  re-painted

$700 + freight




41” mast, 33” overall length, 27 boat length, 8 ˝” high,

paint: stripped, new mast, & bow, front repaired, rudder, lead keel, hollowed out wood hull.

$1,200 + freight

More pictures of these boats are available.                      



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